Building Core Values: Patience

Dr. Olivia has a passion for shattering the stigma of mental health through her literary work. Having received a dual major in journalism and nursing during her undergraduate studies, she often writes for local and web-based media outlets on the topic of mental health. In this article, Dr. Olivia writes about the importance of patience in living a High and Grounded life for the web blog Career Girl Daily. Building and nurturing core-values such as patience can play a major role in sustaining lasting recovery.


Why Patience is Important on Your Road to Success

What does success look like to you? Maybe it means getting the promotion that you have been working so hard for lately. Or maybe it means taking a risk and starting a new career. Regardless of what defines your individual success, patience can help you achieve your goals.

 We live in a world where emails and text messages are sent or received almost instantly, where we can view relevant (or not-so-relevant, but totally entertaining) news with the swipe of a finger, and where we can upload pictures onto Facebook or Instagram with one simple click.  We are used to instantaneous results.

So when we don’t experience immediate gratification, especially after working hard and pouring our soul into a project, frustration occurs. Feelings of disappointment, rejection and self-defeat can follow. We wallow in dissatisfaction, become stressed, and our perspective is soon clouded which prevents us from listening to our natural intuition.

 Dr. Judith Orloff, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, says, “We need a new bumper sticker, FRUSTRATION HAPPENS.” So instead of giving into this vicious cycle, channel energy used for frustration into energy used for patience. By being patient, you’re able to enhance your outlook and start making more creative choices.

 So here is how many mental health professionals advise us to use patience to our advantage:

1. Wait.

Once you’ve given something your all, sit back.

2. Watch.

Allow your perspective to expand and begin to notice little details.

3. Act.

Listen to your instincts and you will proceed in a calmer, and more confident and effective manner.

Being patient takes practice. Start smallChallenge yourself to be tolerant of the long line at Starbucks (even though we know you need that grande caramel macchiato to even think) or test out more relaxing activities like yoga or Pilates. Practice truly does make perfect.

And try to remember: Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first television job, Vera Wang failed to make the United States figure skating team, and Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school, twice.

Whatever your goals, patience will help you on your road to success.

Core Values Matter

Values help us to define a cohesive sense of self. It helps to guide our actions and behaviors, it establishes our presence within the world around us. Taking a step-back from the noise and chatter of day-to-day life and reflecting upon core values can often help put our priorities into perspective and our minds at ease, even if for a brief moment. These pieces in time of self-reflection are an integral part of the recovery process. What are your core values and how can you take small steps to put them into action?


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