Raising Mental Health Awareness on Sonoran Living

5 Tips to Help a Loved One Get Mental Health Treatment 

Community Mental Health Awareness


For decades, being diagnosed with a mental illness has been considered socially taboo. To this day, we often hear our patients talk about how difficult and challenging reaching out for help can be secondary to the shame or fear of being labeled. Society as a whole has perpetuated this issue and the impact it has on our families and our communities is tremendous. To combat this major public health issue, High and Grounded has made it a part of their mission statement to raise mental health awareness.

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Recommended Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Finding legitimate mental health resources can be a daunting challenge. Working through the shame and stigma in reaching out for help is hard enough, finding the help should not be. That is why the providers at High and Grounded Wellness have decided to create a list of mental health resources that they often recommend to their patients. View the entire list of mental health resources here. Below are some highlights of their top recommendations.

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