Executive Mental Health Program

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World-Class Treatment, On Your Time. 


Taking care of yourself is not always easy. Sometimes, there is not enough time in the day. We prioritize others, but rarely ourselves.

We make wellness work.

At High & Grounded, we understand how difficult it can be to fit in time for yourself when you have so many other responsibilities. That is why we are piloting our executive mental health treatment program.

Take advantage of high-quality mental health care with priority access to your providers, same or next-day appointment times, and most importantly, in-home or office visits. We make taking care of yourself fit into your individual lifestyle.


Prioritize Self, Be Your Best Self. 

Uncomprimised Access

  • "Outpatient" treatment, delivered at-home or in your office
  • Priority communication via telephone, e-mail, or videoconferencing
  • Expedited and flexible appointment times

Specialized Treatment

  • work-shift related problems
  • work-a-holism
  • workplace conflict
  • anxiety and anger management
  • solution-focused therapy
  • difficulty with public speaking
  • boundary setting with employees
  • giving and receiving feedback

Quality Measures

  • track your progress with reliable and valid quality measures that have been tested and supported through research
  • quarterly progress reports and treatment plan updates
  • annual "reviews" to identify progress and set goals for the upcoming year

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