Psychiatric Medication Management – Scottsdale

Evidence-Based Medication Management

Safe | Judicious | Mindful

“There is no evidence that we've been placed on this planet to be especially happy or especially normal. And in fact our unhappiness and our strangeness, our anxieties and compulsions, those least fashionable aspects of our personalities, are quite often what lead us to do rather interesting things.” - Jon Ronson


The providers at High and Grounded are well-versed in the prescribing of psychotropic medications. They tend to take a more conservative and mindful approach when, and if, medication is deemed appropriate. They view medication to be another "tool in the toolbox" in terms of recovery and do not believe there is a single "silver bullet" to treatment.

Below is a list of medication classes utilized by our providers:

  • anti-depressants
  • anti-anxiety, or "anxiolytics"
  • mood stabilizers
  • hypnotics
  • antipsychotics
  • stimulant and non-stimulant medication for ADHD
  • anti-craving medications

To learn more about options for medication management, contact one of our treatment providers today!