Building Core Values: Patience

Dr. Olivia has a passion for shattering the stigma of mental health through her literary work. Having received a dual major in journalism and nursing during her undergraduate studies, she often writes for local and web-based media outlets on the topic of mental health. In this article, Dr. Olivia writes about the importance of patience in living a High and Grounded life for the web blog Career Girl Daily. Building and nurturing core-values such as patience can play a major role in sustaining lasting recovery.


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Mindfulness Matters: Being Here Now

mindfulness, meditation, yogaMindfulness – The daily grind can involve busy mornings, long days and sometimes late nights committed to finishing work, school projects or  chores around the house. Such a jam-packed schedule can leave little room for hobbies or self-care, never mind moments to simply catch a breath. However, the more chaotic the routine, the more important it becomes to take that break and be mindful.

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